Hello! Welcome to the Life Blog! This is where I will be publishing my thoughts and observations on all things life. Let me introduce myself. My name is Jacob Larson, I’m a seventeen year old living in Colorado. Math is the bane of my existence, I’m better at the creative things in life. I don’t like cats, dogs are better, but hamburgers are better than hot dogs. Waffles over pancakes. I’m a Christian, can’t forget that one. I’m a pretty happy guy, with a thin coat of pessimism and bitterness to balance it out. I’m currently honing my photography skills and working on a novel, plus a short story or two to keep things from getting stale. I work at my local Chick-Fil-A, and you guessed it, that means I was home schooled. And bingo! You guessed it twice in a row! That means I’m pretty awkward and shy and make strange jokes that nobody understands. Just smile and nod and we’ll get along just fine. When I was little I wasn’t allowed to watch Sponge Bob. I’m a PBS Kid for life, just Martha Speaks and Wild Kratts for me. I was allowed to watch PG-13 movies when I was six. I’ve watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy dozens and dozens of times.

And that’s a crash course on me. Jacob Larson, signing off.

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