my love hate relationship with the internet.

the internet.

The internet is arguably the invention that has changed man-kind the most. With the internet, you can make friends with someone who lives thousands of miles away. You can buy nearly anything you want without leaving your couch. The internet has changed the world wildly, someways good, someways bad, someways ugly. I’ve grown up with it, and this is how it’s affected my life.

The Good

The internet allows me to share my creative works with millions of people in seconds. It lets me to communicate with you right now! Without the internet, creativity would be much harder to put out into the world and get seen.

I’ve learned more on the internet regarding my passions than any school could ever teach me. I can become a knowledgeable photographer by googling ‘how to take a good picture’ and then reading and watching YouTube videos. The internet can teach me how to self-publish, how to write, how to make movies. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Those are the reasons why I love the internet.

The Bad & The Ugly

Now to the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately, these are prevalent. Social media is a curse, more so than it is a blessing. On social media, you can be the person you want to, without any authentic social interaction. This causes, at least in my case, sometimes severe anxiety when just having simple exchanges with another person. I didn’t used to be such an anxious person till I got Instagram and Face Book and the like.

The internet wastes time, a lot of time. While it is filled with hundreds of thousands of hours of learning, it is filled billions of hours of mindless entertainment. I find myself whipping out my phone to watch a YouTube video to catch a break, then I get sucked into a black hole and when I return, I find that I’ve wasted many hours of my day watching pointless videos instead of writing and putting time into the things I love.

This, I think, is the worst thing about the web. The internet makes it easy to let other people form your opinions for you. If you feel like liberal ideas are better, you can let CNN drum those opinions into you. If you lean towards conservative thought, let FOX news tell you what your opinions should be. It’s easy to surround yourself with people of the same opinions so that your default thoughts can never me challenged, and so that your never uncomfortable in what you believe, regardless of what that may be.

The end.

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