the first step to overcoming anxiety.

Since I was a young kid, social anxiety has plagued my life. This could be the case for you as well if you’re reading this. I was always the shy kid. Always the quiet kid. But the reason for that isn’t because it’s my natural disposition, it’s because I’m terrified of rejection. Thoughts constantly brood in my head, causing paranoia to set in about what people are thinking and saying about me when I’m not around.

The tendency towards these anxieties isn’t logical, not to downplay how serious the anxieties are in the first place. When you are anxious, there is one motivator behind it. Me. Or I guess I should say you. You’re anxious because you’re worried people will reject you, and that they are thinking about your mistakes, and your awkwardness. When in all likelihood, they’ve already forgotten about that embarrassing moment you had, and are thinking about the one they had. In other words, they aren’t thinking about your mistakes, they’re thinking about theirs. We humans are remarkably selfish and prideful creatures. We are always looking out for our own self, trying to boost our self esteem. So when we mess up, or have an embarrassing moment, that’s what our mind hounds us about, not other people’s mistakes.

Obviously this isn’t a one-step cure to anxiety, it’s just an observation on the errors of the human mind. I really wish it was just as simple as realizing that others are insecure too. But I’ll have to keep trudging my way through life, doing my best to abandon my anxieties, and trusting God that he has my back.

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