It’s easy to get distracted and slack off with writing, because no one is making you do it. I personally haven’t been writing as much as I would like to, so I came up with a somewhat simple and obvious solution. Deadlines. My theory is that this is the best way to make yourself more productive, as the pressure is a lot harder if you have a deadline, though we’ll see if this holds true throughout the next year.

Here are my deadlines if you’re interested. Deadline number one. I will have my first novel written, edited, and published in exactly one year, that is 7/20/2020. Whatever it takes.

My second deadline is a repeating one. I will have a short story finished at the end of every month, and if I think the story is an interesting one, I will publish it to this blog. The first short story should be finished and published by the end of August.

Hopefully you and I will be able to see that this is an effective plan through the next year. Maybe you should give it a try too?

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